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The media sometimes credit me with bringing ‘#MeToo’ to Nashville. But this assertion would insinuate that I’m somehow standing here, all alone, on Pete O’Heeron’s infamous and shameful ‘island of morality.’ Since we know that such a setting simply doesn’t square with reality, as evidenced by the dozens of brave victims who’ve stepped forward to share horrific accounts that span back decades, I’ve decided that all I can do is all I can do.

Sometimes, no matter how convincingly one speaks truth to power, or how desperately one pleads for sensibility, there is still nobody willing, or brave enough, to make a common-sense change. Or even to care.

That is why, today, I’m proud to announce my forthcoming book, ‘Surviving Possession: Inside Kirt Webster’s Twisted Toy Chest.’ In the book, I recount in vivid detail my days and months spent with Kirt. I cast light on the inner-workings of his system of serial human predation. I provide perspective gained through direct exposure, industry relationships, and hindsight. I explore the dynamic, as I’ve directly experienced it, between power and resourcelessness, and the consequences of each in an overly-romanticized country music industry. I unmask how parts of Music City ‘actually’ operate, and I do it unapologetically and uninterrupted. It’s very much time the truth be spoken in its long, raw form. 

Time’s up.


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