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Mombe |
Well, I saw you perform several years ago at the Calvert Co. Fair in MD. I knew you would go far! I am so very very happy for your success! May God Bless You and your Family! Be true to yourself and don't let the glitter go to your head.
April 12 ,2009 - Huntingtown, MD

Jordan S |
I LOVE AUSTIN!! i've actually been somewhere with him even played catch with him
January 10 ,2009 - Silver spring MD

amber buckler |
hi its me u worked with my mom joyce buckler and we were wondering when u r coming back down here to prform.
January 7 ,2009 - md

Amber |
Hi it's Amber we met at the Trace Adkins concernt and you worked with my mom Joyce at the sheriff's dept. I was wondering if you were going to be doing any concerts here in town? Write me back please. Thank you
December 8 ,2008 - Maryland

Jenny |
Wanted to congratulate you on everything you have accomplished! Love the music and would also love to hear from you!
Might not remember me from school.
November 18 ,2008 - Maryland

Cheryl C |
Hiya i met you at cma music fest and I think you are a doll
October 29 ,2008 - Vienna Georgia

Charlene Smith |
I was impressed with you when I met you at the CMT Fest 08. I enjoyed meeting you and your mother. I believe your mom is your biggest fan. Good Luck and stay true to yourself! A New Fan, Charlene
August 8 ,2008 - Fort White, FL

Melissa |
What is the name of Austin's song that has the lyrics about a John Deere tractor and "I'll be your Huckleberry"? It's new. I've only heard it once at a benefit concert and didn't have a pen to write down the name of it. I absolutely loved it and want to buy the CD it's on. Please help!
July 10 ,2008 - Camdenton, Missouri

Beverly |
Hey Austin, Just wondering if you are going to make it for your "regular" visit to the beach in July? We always look forward to your visit to S.C.V.V. next door.
June 23 ,2008 - Greer, SC

Tracie |
Hey! Loved seeing you again at CMAFest -- Where can your biggest and oldest(yikes!) fans get a copy of your song with the one tooth mother in law.We loved it! You performed it during your acousitc performance at the convention center. You are very talented and when your in Michigan let us know! Take care Kiddo! Tracie, Wendy and Margaret
June 12 ,2008 - Waterford Michigan

Chelsea |
Hey Austin, just listened to the cd that your aunt gave me. it's good times, and you're new stuff rocks. Unfortunately didn't see you tonight at the Hard Rock but maybe i'll see you tomorrow in the convention center!

PS. I apologize again for my crazy parents! haha
June 8 ,2008 - North Branford, CT

Ashton |
hey was nice to see you and get a new pic with you this year at the CMA Fest.i dnt know if you will remember or not, i know you have alot of fans, but this is your "official duet partner" ha
June 5 ,2008 - Henderson, Kentucky

Alisa |
Austin it was great to talk to you on the phone today. Feli has talked about you forever. I hope you receive the poems/songs I've written. If not, I can email them to you.Enjoy your rise to the top!!!
May 29 ,2008 - Charlotte Hall, Maryland

Padty Mayhew Davis |
It was really nice meeting you tonight. You put on an awesome show. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.
May 12 ,2008 - Montclair, VA

Rebecca (Becca)
It was so nice to meet you at the Calvert County fair. So what have you been doing? Glad to meet you finally talk to you later!
April 27 ,2008

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